Monday, June 5, 2017

Another barn quilt square went up at 14636 St. Rt. 698, Findlay, OH. Painted by the owner. Called Navy Star.

Mennel has joined the nearly 70 other sites featured in Hancock County's Barn Quilt Trail - thanks to Arcadia's Jim and Barb Gabriel and BMP Maintenance Group. Our unique quilt squares are located on Mennel's Warehouse located on Fourth Street in Fostoria. To learn more about the Quilt Trail, visit

Friday, December 18, 2015

National Quilt Trail Gathering

Donna Sue Groves

Registration Information is Now Posted! Check our website for more information!
Barb Gabriel
Barb Gabriel what web-site? and where on web-site?
Helen Corlew
Helen Corlew Yes please post the link to registration.
Follow the Quilt Trail of Northeast Tennessee
Follow the Quilt Trail of Northeast Tennessee Greatest apologize! Go to and click on the Quilt Trail link on the home page. From the Quilt Trail page you will see in bold letters Registration Information is Now Available. Click on the words. smile emoticon